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About The eBay Affiliate Program

This page discusses how you can use of the eBay Affiliate Program to your benefit.

checkYou can sell all the products on eBay without paying eBay fees.

checkYou can set up a drop shipping site and have all the products drop shipped from eBay

checkYou can make money without the constant pressure of renewing listings.

checkYou can make extra money with your current website by adding ebay links.

checkPlus you can make more money by using other features of the program.

eBay offers you a lot with its affiliate program. Not only does it offer you the opportunity to make a significant amount of money, it gives you many tools and support.

According to eBay, top affiliates make over $100,000 per month. That is not to say that you will make that much, but it is also not to say that you can't. It is up to you and how smart you work.

Maybe you will be content to work like this man.

One successful eBay affiliate has five blogs and websites. He spends three hours a day adding content to the blogs and three or four hours a week adding content to the websites. It's said that he averages $7-$8000 a month from the eBay eBay affiliate program. Plus he monetizes his blogs with Adsense and picks up another few thousand dollars from Google adsense.

He does this all on less than a 20 hour week.

You might like that.

Many marketers use this in conjunction with a wordpress blog that is monetized with products from eBay.

What does that mean?

As eBay affiliates they can promote and sell all the products listed on eBay. They are paid a commission for sales.

Effectively they use eBay as a drop ship program. They sell the products listed on eBay and the listing party does the shipping.

Now this is a drop shippers dream. A free program, unique products, all sorts of categories and a wide range of things to sell.

Marketers know this and use the free wordpress system for their "drop shipping ecommerce stores."

Setting up such a blog is very simple and costs essentially only the price of a domain name.

What that means to you, because the eBay program and wordpress are free, is that you can start a business that has a huge upside potential with your web costs of only a web host and domain name.

And you can use eBay to make money without ever again paying eBay fees.

No doubt you will have to plan and work that plan, but the entry costs are low. So it is something that you should at least look at.

So how do you start.

First join and learn the eBay affiliate program.