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Add Audio To A Website

This page describes how to add audio to a website.

Increase your sales by adding audio to your website, ecommerce store or eBay listings.

Marketing and sales take many forms. Video helps you get visitors to your website. Audio in your website helps close the sales.

But here is a word of a caution. If you have an web site that is formatted in html instead of php, you need a program compatible with html. The audio program that we link to below is made especially for html.

It is very easy to install in your web pages. First look at the program. And if you have trouble, go the the special five dollars promotions page shown below and look at the speciall audio addition offer that you find there.

Web Audio Plus

This is a link to the program that we use in this video. Not only is it a good program but the code that it ends up giving you is HTML code which is allowable to be added to eBay. This link takes you to the sales material for the program. When you read it you will find that the program has a very important guarantee. You can download it and use it for 60 days. If you find that it does not work for you then you just get a refund. I recommend this highly. It is a program that I use.

And we also recommend that you look at our special five dollar promotions page. You can even get help setting it up and adding audio to one page in your website. Once you see how it is done, you can take it from there.