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Advertisers For Your Website Site Or Blog

We are part of an ad network that will pay you to put advertisers on your site.

Most ad networks share only a small percentage of the amount they charge their advertisers. To make matters worse they can deduct a portion of YOUR hard earned revenue in taxes before you get it.

Consider supplementing your income by placing our network ads on your website and you get the following guarantees:

1. You will receive 70% of the amount collected from the advertisers

2. Advertisers are charged $0.10 per click MINIMUM to ensure that you are happy

3. No Tax Deductions - You decide what you want to report to the IRS

4. 100% Fill Rate - You are guaranteed your ad space is sold

5. You can run ads alongside other network or display network ads instead of Public Service Ads

This program doesn't cost you anything of course; we only get a small portion of the amount collected from the advertisers. So give it a try now - you are not obligated to commit, so you can remove our ads at any time if you choose to do so.