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Amber And Silver Jewelry Tutorial Information

For your convenience we are assembling a series of tutorials related to the Polish Amber and silver jewelry business and the purchase of Polish Amber and silver jewelry.

These tutorials are added in response to questions that we get from visitors to our site. Hopefully they are comprehensive enough to answer most questions that you might have.

But if there is something missing or something is unclear, do contact us.

Resource Links

Amber Catalogs

There are thousands of pieces and thousands of designs. There are individual one of a kind pieces and there are production pieces. It is not possible to describe them in a web site.

Contact Amber Suppliers

Use this free service provided by the Poland Chamber to contact Amber manufacturers and distributors directly. All that you have to do is provide the information necessary for the Amber jeweler to send you a quotation. The service is free.


Tutorial List

About Polish Amber And Silver Jewelry

This video gives background information about Polish Amber and silver jewelry to give some information about the various designs and styles that are available. This is a good introductory video.

About Amber Beads And Chips

A video that shows how amber beads are made and how amber and amber chips are made. This give you a great background on what is available and contact to get beads.