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A Review Of The Various Types Of Amber And Silver Jewelry

This video is a review of the various types of Amber that are available and manufactured in Poland. It is an introductory video that will give you some good background as to the history of Amber in Poland and what the manufacturers are offering.

Additionally below the video screen you will find some resources that are quite useful.

There is also a link back to the other video page related to Amber and silver jewelry.

Resources Related To This Video

Amber Catalogs

There are thousands of pieces and thousands of designs. There are individual one of a kind pieces and there are production pieces. It is not possible to describe them in a web site.

Contact Amber Suppliers

Use this free service provided by the Poland Chamber to contact Amber manufacturers and distributors directly. All that you have to do is provide the information necessary for the Amber jeweler to send you a quotation. The service is free.

Prices Of Amber

This page gives you an estimate of the current prices for the various styles of Amber. It is emphasize that this is an estimate only what you can use it to gauge the current price ranges for various product lines.

Medicinal Qualities Of Polish Amber

This discusses Amber acid and its effect on your health. Polish natural Baltic amber is high in this acid and it is something that any Amber seller or Amber buyer should take into consideration. Learn about it here.

Natural Baltic Amber

This gets into the details of the original type necklaces that were produced in Poland and are still very popular today. These are the necklaces and bracelets that people wear for the health as well as for beauty, of course.

Video Information And Tutorials For Polish Amber And Silver Jewelry

For your convenience we have developed a series of tutorials and video presentation packages concerning the purchase of Amber and doing business with Amber. You are invited to review the tutorials in this page.