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Amber Buying Service

If you have questions about buying amber, or amber and silver jewelry, we will answer your questions and give you help, free.

You may be looking for reliable companies to deal with, have questions about particular types of product, want to know how to get started or want to know how to buy factory direct and get the best prices.

And please note that there are many amber artists that do not have web sites and do not advertise. They do this so that they can protect their designs from imitators in the Far East who sell cheap counterfeits. They work on referrals only. We can help you contact them.

If you wish to have an amber buying agent that acts as your in country quality assurance agent, tell us. We can visit manufacturers, assemble orders, check quality and provide full product and project management services.

amber catalogs

In short, we know what there is, where it is and how good it is. And we know who is reliable.

This service is provided by our Chamber of Commerce. Our purpose in providing this service is to help good Polish amber companies develop and grow.

Send us email with your questions. Contact The Poland Chamber Here