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Amber Jewelry Order Minimums

About the order minimums when ordering amber jewelry from factories in Poland.

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Factory minimums for amber and silver jewelry are generally one kilogram of product. In some cases they are higher.

A one kilogram order is considered an absolute minimum order and prices reflect this. You get starting factory prices at one kilogram, You do not start getting large factory order discounts at the absolute minimum of 1 kilogram. One kilogram is often considered a sample order. If you order upwards of 5 kilograms, some factories will consider discounts. Others require at least 10 kilograms.

Because of the thousands of requests that factories get per month, requests for price lists, catalogs or service for orders less than one kilogram of amber and silver jewelry are generally ignored .

To order from a factory you should be sure to use your company email address and show your website address in the initial contact. See Look Professional

It is best to use the company website or the amber catalogs that you can get through this service and submit a formal request for quotation.

Alternatively you can use an amber buying service.

To contact factories directly, use the Free Information service.