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Custom Made Art Crystal

This page discusses stocking art crystal in a boutique or gift shop. It is added information from the page entitled Recommended Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques

This crystal is made by one of Poland's famous crystal artists. It is high end, unique and beautiful.

Definitely for the wedding, anniversary and corporate gift market.

This crystal generates a fair number of repeat or backend sales.

The process starts with someone receiving a single piece of this crystal as a gift. They then become a buyer as they look to add to their collection.

Additionally, the original gift giver adds to the collection on subsequent anniversary or other occasions.

The pitchers and vases, with some glasses, are best to have on your shelves. A smattering of other pieces can be added as your volume grows. But the basics are the pitchers, vases and glasses.

Complete information about the product is at Art Crystal By Jan Lam

The order minimum is generally 500 euro.

But always consider your shipping costs. Read the information about shipping small orders here.

If you would like information about the 10 most popular pieces and a general price list, send email to us by using our contact form . It would be best were you to include your shipping address so we can help with shipping cost information.