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Bench Vise And Work Table

This page is about a portable work table and bench vise manufactured in Poland and available wholesale only.

Pictured below is a portable bench vise that is manufactured in Poland. It is made for the home improvement market and more specifically for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

The bench is portable and folds conveniently for storage.

The total weight is about 7 1/2 kilograms.

bench vise

There are 24 holes in the wood top into which one can insert plastic clamping dogs. There are four dogs included with the bench.

The bench vice comes in a packing box that can be custom designed for you.

It comes unassembled and can be assembled with the only tool required being a screwdriver.

The Polish manufacturer is interested in finding distributors. You are invited to contact the marketing agent for the factory which marketing agent is in Poland.

More information about this bench vise can be found at this page for wholesale products Poland.


To contact the manufacturer and for complete specifiactions, go to Bench Vise