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Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques

pocket watch

If you intend to, or if you have a gift shop now, here is a summary that discusses products that sell well in a gift shop or boutique.

Each of the products discussed is further linked to an individual page that discusses recommended stocking procedures. And at the bottom is a link to information about shipping small orders from Poland.

There are, of course, many other products available. But for most shops, these products are the base for initial sales and the base for expansion.

The picture of the pocket watch to the right shows you a gift item that sells very well to people who are at loss for what to buy or who want a unique gift to get attention.

They also help you get into the corporate gift market.

Information about these watches is below. And there is a video that shows how they sell as gifts in outdoor markets.



Unikat Polish Design Pocket Watches

This is a unique product that get attention, and that gets sales.


Amber And Silver Decorated Glass

This product is unique to Poland.

For the most part buyers tend to be those looking for wedding and anniversary gifts plus unique corporate gifts.


Colored Crystal

There are really two categories here. There are the colored crystal glasses and the colored crystal vases and baskets.

The traditional, clear, cut crystal is no doubt very popular. But when you put a display of colored crystal next to it, our experience shows that people tend to buy the colored pieces.

The colored crystal glasses sell quite well, with the multi-colored sets of wine glasses being most favored.

The decanters with hunting scenes are also quite popular.


Hand Painted Glass

With each piece being hand painted and unique, people spend a lot of time at a display of this glass.

It is one of those things that they do not see everywhere. As such, the glass makes for nice all occasion gift giving.


Art Crystal

A definite product for the wedding, anniversary and corporate gift markets. It is hand done art in crystal. It is expensive as far as crystal goes, but at the same time it is well worth the price to people who want something distinctive and that will be remembered.

Our experience is that there is an after market when the recipients come back to add pieces to their collection. For example, they get a pitcher as a gift and then come in for glasses and more.


Amber And Silver Jewelry

This is one of those things that makes your business "customer sticky". A nice collection of earrings and pendants, if nothing else, keeps them busy. They come in to see what is new and then wander around to see what else might interest them.

Do supplement the earrings and pendants with more, but go heavy on these because you get repeat sales.


Natural Baltic Amber

One of those simple products that turns over very well.


Amber Decorated Beeswax Candles

Very attractive and quite useful.


Wooden Christmas Ornaments

These are unique. light and beautiful.


Leather Boxes, Jewelry Boxes And Executive Gifts.

Some of the finest gift items that you will find.


Handmade Designer Purses And Hand Bags

Very attractive as well as functional


Handmade Polish Christmas Ornaments

You can order small quantities from this company. They sell well all year round.


Controlling Shipping Costs

The wholesale price of a product is one thing. The price that it costs you once you import it and put it into your inventory is another. Look at the information here.