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How To Build Your Own Yahoo Store

Use this to build and test drive your Yahoo Store free.

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Go to Yahoo, and open a free "test drive" store. Play with it until you have it set up the way you want. To do this you have to give Yahoo a credit card number. But there is no problem because if you send them email before 25 days has passed and tell them that you are not interested in the store, they will not charge your credit card.

When you have your "test-drive store" just the way you want it, pay Yahoo the required low monthly fee to open it. When you do, you can access and edit your store from anywhere on the Internet. The Yahoo Store Manager gives all the tools that you need to make it easy.

But most importantly, 24 hours after you put a product in your Yahoo Store, it is available to millions of shoppers that visit Yahoo Shopping. They see a picture, description, price and everything in your store. There are no banner ads, no email campaigns, and you do not have to worry about search engine positioning. Because smaller stores are more effective, it is probably best for you to open 50 item stores. Focus on a single product line and market to a niche. By focusing you build your reputation, your expertise in a given area and position in the search engines that will send you more traffic. And because you are focused, you can give more and better information to buyers. That will bring them back to buy more.

But don't limit yourself. Once you get comfortable with your first store, you can grow by opening a second, third and more stores on Yahoo and other internet malls. Using the profits from those stores you can go on to open your own independent store, but always consider what Yahoo type services provide you. People know them and visit them to buy. Millions of people visit them to buy something. And that is what you want. You want buyers and not visitors. And that is particularly important when you are starting up. You need people ready to buy now.

Choosing a product to sell in your Yahoo store is quite important. Here is a case study on how one man does it. What Should I Sell