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eBay May Not Be The Way

Many people make a lot of money selling on eBay. Most spend a lot of time and don't make much at all.

The reason is very simple. eBay is a search engine that savvy retailers use to develop their non-eBay businesses.

"Who told you that eBay is a search engine?" you think.

Savvy sellers know it is a search engine. They know that about 80% of the people on the internet search for information on line and then buy off line. And one of the first places they go to find a product is to eBay to check prices.

When they go to eBay, they don't buy. They look for information there and then they look for the product offline.

The critical issue for them is personal contact and personal service.

Once they buy from someone offline, they will make some purchases through their website or by phone.

To get these customers, you need a simple website and offline inventory that tells the people to come to you. See Setting Up Your Website

Then do a little advertising.

Yes, you can do drop shipping on eBay. But do you know how many hundred thousands others try the same thing each year and fail or waste a lot of time to just break even or make a miniscule profit? We recommend that it is in your best interests to avoid being in that group.

Here are some tutorials on starting a business that you might consider. Go to About Starting A Business