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Post A Phone Number To Increase Sales

A phone number with voice mail is essential to properly service your customers. Posting a phone number also increases your sales.

Remember that you are presenting yourself on the internet. It is cold, impersonal and filled with frauds. People know that.

Distinguish yourself and make them feel comfortable. Look at the top of this page. Note our phone numbers. We are real and we are here. You should do the same.

Of course you don't want to post your regular numbers. You want a special number specifically for your business. And you want to do that as economically as possible.

If you use the Skype telephone system you can have a special number with a free voice mail system VERY CHEAP. And it gives you a lot of added benefits.

Skype also provides a free service that allows you to talk to people free. And you will probably use that too. But the basic business service that they offer is something that you should consider immediately.

The Skype people offer a lot. Here is the link to their site. Read through it and look at all the options. Skype

And then here is a link to a page that tells you how to set it up. How To Set Up Skype

If you have never used Skype, you can test it by calling me on my phone in Massachusetts. You pay for the call to Massachusetts. It automatically transfers the call to me in Warsaw, Poland - Free for both of us. 508 471 4462 . Please remember that I am 6 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone.