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Setting Up Your Website

If you are going to sell something, when setting up your website, set up an online store.

If it is your first website, rent it, do not waste money on a web site designer. Save that money for something else.

If you have a product line chosen, set up an online store. You can have one up and selling for you in a day if you choose the right system.

Now let us go back through that.

Set up an online store that allows people to buy what you are selling.

If you are going into business sell something you will need an online store. If you are going into business to act as a business agent, or wholesaler, then you do not necessarily need an online store. But you do need a website that is essentially an on-line business card or yellow pages listing.

There is no need to spend a lot of money with custom website designers to have your website put on line.

There are very many companies that offer free website creation tools with their basic web hosting services. All that you have to do is use their website hosting service and they give you the tools that allow you to make a website very easily. We recommend this because it is very inexpensive, easy to use and generally gives you many more services than you would get were you to go to a private website designer.

Here is a link to companies that will give you low-cost web hosting plus a free website tools that you can make your website. Web Host Reviews

If you are going to sell something retail on the web you need more than a basic web site. You need an online store.

You should treat your online store no differently than you would an offline store that you would open in your own hometown.

Were you to open a store in your hometown, you would not, as a start up business, buy a piece of land and build a building. You would rent a storefront and get your business established. Were it to become very successful, you might then consider buying land and building a store. That is of course if he could get the right location where you would have good customer traffic.

The on-line world is no different than the offline. Startup with a rented store and build your business. Once your sure that your business will be successful, then you should consider buying a store and moving it to a location where you can find customers on your own.

Benefits of this approach

You can rent on-line stores that will allow you to get in business within a day and so. Website designers often takes weeks and months to create a store for you.

You save the money that you would have to pay a website designer to make a site for you. You will most often save hundreds of dollars.

The money that you save you can put into advertising, inventory, brochures business cards and whatever else you need to get your business running.

When you rent a store you can generally choose from hundreds of templates that you can modify to make your store have the look and feel that you want.

In many cases rented stores have features that are part of the basic package that would cost you many hundreds of dollars extra to have a website designer add to your site.

Companies that rent stores generally have free promotion programs that will help you get listed in the search engines and also get you traffic and customers from other sources that you would not normally tap.

You always have support from the providers of rented stores where you cannot necessarily depend on your website designer always being available.

Disputes with a website designers are common and there is a high probability that you will lose or waste money. Such disputes are generally non existence with providers of rented stores because you see everything up front.

Here is a recommended company that you can examine in detail to check for yourself. ProStores