The Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online

Tips And Hints About Registering Your Company Name

Business on the internet is all about credibility. In addition to being a real business, you have to look and act like a real business.

Don't write letters on free hotel stationary and don't write email using free email accounts.

Write ALL your letters on your own stationary and write ALL your email on your own company's email account.

Do not use hotmail, yahoo, gmail or any other email service. Why? You look like a rank amateur and people treat you that way.

Get a professional service for your email. Here is one that is very inexpensive and they will help you register your company name. Register

To repeat, because it is very important to you, register your company name and use your company name in your email.

Notice our email addresses are all in the form amailbox"at" where amailbox is replaced by the name of a person or group at our chamber. Your email should look like You can also do that here while you set up the email service.

Does it make a difference? Yes.

Customers and suppliers notice it right away. It makes or breaks sales and impressions. And that can make the difference.

To be frank with you, we at the Poland Chamber look immediately at the email address to see if we are dealing with a real company or an want-to-be. Because of our experiences with want-to-be's, we tend to treat them differently until they prove themselves.

We are not alone in that. Even the credit card companies warn businesses to be careful for fraud when dealing with someone that uses a free email address. You as a business person will learn that, too. Especially after the first time you are defrauded.

Start out right. Once again we recommend this service. Register Company Name