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A Buying Trip To Poland To Visit Polish Factories?

About and how to make a buying trip to Poland to visit Polish factories.

polish pottery factory
Polish Pottery Factory

Should you spend the time and money to travel to Poland to visit Polish factories? In short, in most cases, it does not make economic sense. This page discusses the things that you should consider.

Let us look at some of the costs involved.

Add to that the value of your time.

Based on our information, visitors often spend a few thousand dollars on such a trip.

Consider this -weight the costs or your proposed trip against the benefits of what you want to do.

Are you interested in seeing the factory or the product? If the product, you can order samples or place a trial order.

Do you think you can negotiate price better in person? Many find that it is best to use a third party to negotiate price. One can press harder and save face if one has to back down.

You will probably be much better off using a procurement service.

Let us look at some particular examples.

Suppose you want to buy jewelry or Christmas ornaments and want to check quality.

The cost of a kilo of jewelry will generally be less than the cost of a trip. Just arrange with the supplier that if you do not like the quality that you can send it back. And in any case, you have something in hand to sell rather than having thrown money away on a trip.

If you travel to buy that same kilogram of jewelry, you will have doubled its cost to you. You will have to sell quite a bit more than that kilo to make up the travel cost.

The same is true with Christmas ornaments. A trip might cost you what a full pallet of ornaments cost.

Apply all these concepts to any product that you buy. Start with a procurement service. That makes economic sense.