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Candles From Poland

handmade candles
Handmade Candles

Poland is a major candle supplier to the world markets. They are of the highest quality. Additionally Polish candle makers have a reputation for creativity.

In this page you get information about Polish candles for holidays, table decoration, graves and religious purposes.

For the most part, the candle manufacturers ship large quantities only making buying direct from the factory by small companies difficult.

In our opinion, whether you are buying a large amount of candles or a small amount of candles, if you are a first time buyer or have already bought in Poland but want a new product line, use a procurment service.

This is particularly important if you want candles from the smaller makers.


A procurement service will save you time and, most probably, money. Information about procurement services is at Procurement Services.


amber candle collection

Amber Decorated Beeswax Candles - Jantar candles are a unique combination of white bee wax and the Baltic amber. Candles have been used for centuries in temples as a source of pure light and the two unusual components bring out surprising value of the product: aesthetic, medicinal and ecological.

These are offered by a small company in Poland. They are sold in small lots. They are an excellent addition to any gift shop's inventory.

This is one of those candle collections that gets attention. You do not find these everywhere, that is for sure. We only know of this company making them.



art candles

Candles By Rak - Handmade candles from a large candle supplier. This supplier has many products of interest. This is just a sampling.







Grave Candles - Poland supplies many varieties of grave candles to Europe and beyond. This page shows some examples of what is available and gives you the ability to contact candle manufacturers directly.