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Crystal Figurines Made In Poland

Polish crystal artists create unique crystal figurines that you find in gift shops all over Europe. The most popular among those who have been dealing with figurine makers come from small crystal foundaries where people take pride in the quality of their artwork.

Such small figurine manufactories put out pieces that are prized by collectors. The pieces are by their nature limited edition because the manufacturers have limited production capability.

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You may buy these products wholesale from the manufacturers. They neither sell retail nor do they drop ship.

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As for the figurines, the order minimums generally range on the order of 1000 Euro with a minimum of 15 of any one item. These minimums depend on the crystal artist.

The artists generally do not maintain an inventory. They make the figurines to order. So there is setup time involved. You can expect prices to vary with the number of figures of any one pattern that you do order. The more of one type, the lower the price.

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