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Glasses From Zawiercie Crystal

crystal glass arrangement

The Zawiercie Crystal factory, formally known as Zawiercie Huta Szkla Gospodarczego, is the main producer of crystal glasses in Poland. Not only does Zawiercie produce for its own distributor base, but it also for other factories in Poland that then cut in their own patterns.

Crystal glasses enjoy a particulaly important place in the world of crystal. Of all the forms made, they are the most used and seen. In restaurants and elegant dining table, they are the in the forefront of a guest's eyes. Everything else on the table is secondary.

The image to the right gives you some feel for the beauty of the glasses made by this old and very famous factory.



Below you see the Monika form which is one of the oldest and a very popular glass forms.

Zawiercie offers many glass forms and patterns. Some of them can be seen at Zawiercie Glasses.

crystal glasses monika


Crystal blanks are available for your own cutting needs.

That the factory supplies crystal blanks to other companies in Poland is testimony to the overall quality of the factory's products.

In addition to offering you product, there are business opportunities related to these glasses and to crystal in general that you can consider.

There is a continuing big market for crystal. As people marry, have anniversaries and birthdays, crystal will be given. So you will find a market in gift shops everywhere and for business employee and corporate gifts.

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