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Poland is famous for its high quality crystal and its reliable crystal manufacturers. Crystal Poland, in reality, is a concept that it is all about art and quality rather than repetitive production.

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Polish crystal was the choice of royalty in Europe with the main supplier of the early times being the Zawiercie Crystal factory. And they are still strong today. If you are lucky enough to visit them, you might have the opportunity to see the thousands of old patterns that they have on their shelves.

Please also note that Polish crystal artists make vases and other creations that are used both as decoration and trophies. You can have your own vases made as distinctive crystal trophies for golf, horse riding or whatever else you wish.

In this website we have many pages that give you details and catalogs for crystal manufactured in Poland. You are encouraged to also consider saving time by getting a copy of the crystal catalogs.



On a comparative basis, you will pay more if you buy Polish crystal. The price reflects quality and reliability. Polish companies in this sector stand behind their product and the products that they ship are consistently uniform and high quality. The community of artisans is quite small and they value their reputations not only with customers, but their peers as well.

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Some of the Polish crystal artists are world famous for their works and have received many awards and honors.

Their works are often chosen as special gifts for visiting dignitaries and exclusive corporate gifts.

And even the factories that produce in volume have reputations for quality. They are many times chosen for high quality, custom lines of crystal.

The main crystal page has other choices of crystal that you can look at. It is at the Polish crystal page.

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