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Oil Lamps By Rogi

The oil lamps shown in this page are made by a small company near Krosno, Poland that specializes in unique, colored art glass and globes

orange oil lamp

The factory has a fine reputation for quality, design and delivery.

There are several type oil lamps made by this factory. There are large globes, small globes, floating lamps and formed designer lamps.

In the video below you see a selection of the various oil lamps offered by this firm.

The small globe lamps are very popular. They are colorful, simple and inexpensive. Customers tend to buy a couple in different colors on each buy.

This firm also makes gazing globes and other glass garden ornaments that you can see by searching using the search box in this pagev

These saw him do anything that you see. They are handmade and handblown. The coloring is put on by a special technique developed by Rogi to make all his art class products.

The Rogi factory makes a full line of art class. Perhaps the most popular item is the watering ball line.


The oil lamps that you see here are particularly good to sell at outdoor markets and in garden shops. They are colorful and attractive.

When combined with a collection of gazing globes and watering balls, you will find that you have something to attract customers to your corner of the market.

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You can get complete information about these oil lamps and other products from this manufacturer and from other Polish companies by going to our Free Business Information Center.