The Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online

About The Author

Since his first introduction to computers in 1963 as a midshipman studying at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis Maryland, Gary Granai has been involved with application technology.

In 1994, as a consultant to the communications industry that was changing in Eastern Europe, he saw that the developing Internet base was ready to turn commercial. In 1995 he formed the second commercial Internet service in Poland.

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He was an early pioneer in the use of the Internet to promote international trade. In 1999 he sold the technical side of his Internet company and retained the trade and information portals which are online today.

He maintains his position as a director of the Poland import export Chamber of Commerce on line which is the only far in Poland chamber working through agents in Poland that helps Polish company export their products. An iconoclast by nature, in 1999 he saw that there were no private organizations effectively helping small Polish companies export their products so he formed the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce online and maintains a position of Director.. More information about what he has done can be seen at this link.

During the days of the wild growth of the Internet bubble, he remained true to the basics this philosophy that business was not changed by the Internet but the Internet simply offered a new way to communicate. And while other big name companies failed, his business portals survived and have maintained consistent profitability. The big names are not even remembered.

Mr. Granai believes that business is all about the basics. Business starts from a solid foundation and business survives only with hard work and religious application of a business plan.

Small business is the economic engine of the world. And the Internet has given the small trader and small-business the opportunity to reach global markets. But more importantly it allows these same people to improve their presence in the all-important local market.

And he encourages people who have been considering a small business to at least examine the opportunities that stand before them.

At the same time he works to expose those services rendered to so many people by those whose marketing techniques are designed only to trap the unwary.

Gary Granai has assisted many companies who have gone from the pre-concept stage to profitability. Those include “work at home moms” selling Polish silver and Amber jewelry as well as Indian manufacturers exporting granite to Poland through a company run by a disabled man who thought he had no opportunities before him but who is now the largest importer of Indian granite into Poland.

This book is written with the hope that it can help encourage those who might be holding back and slow those now who might be going too fast. And in the long run to add to the knowledge base about the opportunity available in drop-shipping.