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About Drop Shipping

This page discusses drop shipping of Polish products and drop shipping in general. It also discusses what does Chamber of Commerce does to support people interested in drop shipping.

if you are new to drop shipping, or on drop shipping now and are having difficulty making money, we recommend strongly that you read the Drop Ship Guide.

The Drop Ship Guide contains information about drop shipping that you will not find anywhere else on the web. It is filled with videos and step-by-step instructions that will help you get up and get online with your business very quickly. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and that if you are not satisfied with it and you do not get results, you can get your full money back.

Drop shipping is an easy business - if you do it right. Unfortunately, too many people get lead into complex systems and spend a lot of money before they go out of business within the year. That is not at all necessary.

You can start drop shipping with an absolute minimal amount of money. And that means you can do it almost free.

You need a little more than a web host, a domain name, and the equipment around your home office. You do not have to buy shopping carts, join drop ship programs, hire technicians or go into expensive systems.

The Drop Ship Guide shows you all this and more. We do hope that you will try it.



drop ship guide easy start

The best place that you can find products to drop ship are in the drop ship directories. The directories have done the research for you and the cost of buying a directory more than offsets the cost of your time. Additionally, if you read the free download on finding a product to sell you will see the importance of a drop ship directory.

Even if you already know the product that you want to sell, we recommend strongly that you go to this link and read this information. What Products Should I Sell On My Site?

Because of the European value added tax laws and the cost of shipping, drop shipping is not done generally in Europe. If you wish more detail related to drop shipping Polish products you are invited to go to this link and read this information. Polish Product Drop Shippers

This chamber supports a special site that is totally devoted to drop shipping. You can find out by going to this link. The Drop Ship Guide. Use the search box to find information about the topic that is of most interest to you.