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The Advantages Of A Website Based on Wordpress.

Many small businesses will find that a complete website is best based on wordpress.

Wordpress is a blog. A blog is a form of website that can be modified and that can do many things for you.

If you are not familiar with a blog, here is a link to detailed information. Blog And Product Blog Basics


Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits of WordPress Blogs

checkSave money by designing your own websites with free themes and plug-in applications

checkTake advantage of money-making plugins that will only work on a blog

checkUse your blog(s) to drive buyers directly to your Amazon and eBay listings (in spite of Best Match)

checkSet up shopping sites full of your affiliate links and earn money from multiple streams

check Create product review sites and let other people help build your site.

checkCreate multiple mini-blog sites with each one earning every day.

checkTake advantage of an incredible amount of advice through the WordPress forums.

Additional Information

Before you spend a lot of money on ecommerce stores, web site designers and consultants, look at this detailed additional information.

There is a free video on how to set up a blog and how to use it for a website at Wordpress Blog Setup