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Amber And Silver Decorated Glass

This page discusses stocking amber and silver decorated glass in a boutique or gift shop. It is added information from the page entitled Recommended Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques

An excellent product for the wedding gift and anniversary gift market.

amber decorated bowl
Amber And Sterling Silver
Decorated Bowl

As far as the factory is concerned, there are no order minimums.

But practically speaking, because the product will ship by UPS, you should order as much as you can to fit into one box. In that way the cost to ship the box will be amortized over all of the pieces. Read the information about shipping small orders here.

Additionally, the more variety you have, the more likely you are to sell something from the collection.

We can recommend to you what the factory says are the 10 most popular pieces. From that you will find what moves best in your area.

A good approach is to order two of each of these and 5 to 10 other pieces that you think might sell.

Let the 80 - 20 rule play and see what your ultimate inventory mix and stocking level will be.

If you would like information about the 10 most popular pieces and a general price list, send email to us using our contact form. It would be best were you to include your shipping address so we can help with shipping cost information.