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Amber And Silver Jewelry

This page discusses stocking amber and silver jewelry in a boutique or gift shop. It is added information from the page entitled Recommended Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques

Whether you want to focus on jewelry or not, stock earrings, pendants and silver chains.

And be sure to choose from different styles of amber. Keep the customers digging and picking. The more they end up with in their hand, the more they will buy of what is there.

And keep a mirror on the wall nearby. Plus offer a hand held mirror.

Put you first money into a large selection of earrings and then pendants and silver chains. But emphasize earrings of all sorts, shapes, sizes and styles.

They make low cost, high quality gift items. And you will find that the people buying the gifts often buy for themselves.

And even though they are low cost to the customer, you can add a good markup for yourself.

The easiet thing for you to do is to let your amber factory representative pick a batch for you. Because the representative wants you to come back and order more, the recommendation to you will likely be what the representative thinks will sell fastest for you.

That factory representative can also help you with silver chains. Load up on them. Have a good variety. They always sell.

You can get amber catalogs here. Amber Catalogs

And to have an amber factory representative contact you, send your request to us using our contact form

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