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Amber Cabochons

amber cabochons

Polish amber artists offer you a wide range of cabochons. You can get them in standard forms or you can have them made to your own specifications.

You will see many definitions of the word cabochon. Regardless of how different people define the word that is based on the French "caboche", meaning "knob/small dome", a cabochon generally considered to be a stone cut into the shape of a small dome in a round, oval, rectangle, triangle, or teardrop shape without any facets.

Natural Baltic Amber is, however, not cut. A natural stone is generally either polished by hand or tumbled and used in its natural form. And some amber is heated and pressed into beads and cabochons.

Most of the jewelry sold today used some form of cabochon or pressed amber.

You can read more about that at Natural Baltic Amber.

One must be careful to distinguish between the various things offered as amber because there are many things passed off as amber that are really plastic resins of one form or another. You may read information about the what you should be looking for by going to About Amber And Types of Amber.

If you are looking for Natural Baltic Amber, polished or unpolished, that you can fashion yourself into your own jewelry, that is available. You can find information about that at Raw And Tumbled Natural Baltic Amber.

Many jewelry manufacturers require high quality amber cabochons that are uniformly shaped so that they can fit them to their regular designs. There are companies in Poland that specialize in providing standard pieces or pieces made to order.

Generally speaking, the factories require minimum orders of one kilogram of any one item. For information about one factory that provides standard and custom amber beads and cabochons, go to Natural Baltic Pressed Beads And Cabochons

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