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Amber Certificates Of Authenticity

About certificates of authenticity for Baltic Amber in Poland.

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Amber Fair Gdansk, Poland

There is neither a governing authority nor organization in Poland that either authorizes or issues certificates of authenticity for Baltic Amber.

The closest organization that comes to being an authority on amber in Poland is the International Amber Association located in Gdansk, Poland. It maintains its position of authority by reason respect for its activities support of Baltic Amber in Poland and of its strict self adherence, demand for third party adherence, to quality guidelines.

This Organization issues certificates to manufacturers that meet its guidelines.

Wholesalers and retailers are not issued certificates.

It is the position of this Chamber of Commerce, that any certificate related to Polish amber that does not come directly from the International Amber Association, located in Gdansk Poland, is of questionable value.

In countries around the world, Poland included, many fakes are being sold by scammers who self write "Certificates of Authenticity" with labels and hand written the serial numbers on them.

The only way to guarantee the authenticity of amber is to subject it to an Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy examination. And after the examination the certificate should clearly identify the piece of Amber, that piece should be marked so that it can be traced back to that certificate, and the results of the IRS examination should be attached to the certificate.

A certificate should be backed up by an irrevocable surety bond that will pay cash compensation to the holder of that certificate should the accompanying piece of Amber be found to be not as represented.

This Chamber of Commerce does not recognize the validity of certificates of authenticity unless they meet the above requirements.

The International Amber Association, as well as people who are knowledgeable of the amber trade in Poland, recognize that it is the reliability and reputation of the amber dealer that provides the buyer the best protection as to the authenticity of amber.

They Amber Community in Poland is a close-knit community. Those who deal in counterfeit Amber and cheap grades of foreign amber cannot hide their activities. When someone new comes on the market word gets around quickly.

Buying from those who exhibit at the Amber it fair in Gdansk Poland each year, by reason of the fair's strict guidelines as to who may exhibit, is one of your first lines of protection.

When recognizing not that not everyone displays their wares at the fair, when you buy, be sure to buy from someone who has a good reputation for fair trading in Baltic Amber.

If someone offers you a "Certificate of Authenticity" a red flag should go up in your mind and you should start asking some difficult questions. Start with Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy examination results and work on from there. (Note that this exam is well beyond placing amber under a black light.

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