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Amber And Silver Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

This page gives answers to many questions that we get about amber and silver jewelry.

We take a three pronged approach to answering your questions about amber.

First we give a brief answer.

Second we refer you out to a web page with much more detail.

And third, we make videos on the topics of the most frequent questions sent to us about amber.

If you have any questions that you do not find answers to in our site, you are invited to contact us.

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Can you give me a list of amber and silver suppliers?

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How can I contact amber factories directly?

How can I order amber?

Where can I buy amber beads?

Can I get help selecting and buying amber?

How can I start a small amber business?

How can I be sure a supplier is reliable?

How can I check if amber is real or counterfeit?

How can I get amber with inclusions and insects?

What is the price of amber?

How do I get catalogs?

Visit the catalog page by clicking on About Amber Catalogs