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Amber Islamic Prayer Beads

A review of gemstone Islamic prayer beads, or Tasbih, made in Poland from pure Baltic amber.

gemstone islamic prayer bead

Amber beads used for amber tasbih are made in different ways. In this review, we concentrate on gemstone amber beads which are high quality beads fashioned from pure Baltic amber. The amber beads are made blocks created by combining multiple high quality amber stones without any colorants, glues, or any other additives.

As far as amber goes, the resulting beads are extremely attractive and quite inexpensive, since no amber can really be considered inexpensive.

If you note the picture at the top right and the video below you can see the beauty of these prayer beads.

They have the advantages of being amber, being beautifully done, being high quality and being available at an affordable price.

They sell very well to young people and those who are not willing to spend the thousands of dollars for a hand carved product.

The Most Often Bought Prayer Bead

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To maximize your sales, consider adding these products to your inventory. Many times customers will purchase one of these along with a more expensive prayer bead for many reasons. Sometimes for a gift for a young person in school, others to have something convenient that can be carried in a pocket without fear of loss, and then sometimes just because they like the beauty.

You may buy them wholesale at Wholesale Products Poland .

You may buy them on retail on Amazon in the US at and on Amazon in the UK as well as in the Natural Baltic Amber online store.

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