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Amber Oil

Finding amber oil is, to say the least, difficult! That is because it is time consuming to make and the end product is very expensive.

Historically amber oil has been used as both a cosmetic and for aromatherapy.

Because the process of extracting the oil from Natural Baltic Amber concentrates the naturally occuring succinic acid, or amber acid, the oil is thought to be particularly effective as a cosmetic that combats aging.

Additonally it is thought to be particularly effective in all medical applications of amber products.

Information about the medical use of amber can be found at Natural Cures

The amber oil was found to be effective when used for aromatherapy. That was revealed during the days of the black plague in Europe when it was found that no amber workers died during the plague.

Their work had them heating amber to change it colors and burning some of the amber powders. The process released the amber oil that was vaporized.

Modern day practitioners who make amber oil for aroma therapy treatment use it in conjunciton with Polish salt lamps that are made to heat and disperse aromatic oils. You can see them at Aromatherapy Techniques.

You can also get more information about Natural Baltic Amber at Baltic Amber.

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