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Amber Powder

Polish amber is known all over the world for its unique beauty. And in Eastern Europe and China it is know for its medical value. One of the valued products is amber powder.

Amber powder is readily available since it is a byproduct of cutting and polishing amber. For the most part this powder is used to make pressed amber beads and cabochons.

But some of it is used for medicines used as home remedies.

Chinese herbalists choose to use Natural Baltic Amber powder and chips over those from other ambers. They know that amber from the Baltics has a higher content of succinic acid than ambers from other regions of the world.

For information about natural cures that use amber, there is information at Natural Medicines From Eastern Europe.

Amber cabochons, and most amber beads are made from a slurry of amber chips and powders. They are heated and pressed into useful shapes.

Making beads without the pressing process is nigh on impossible. Just imagine taking a gemstone in your hands, carving it to a uniform shape and then drilling a small hole so that it can be fashioned into a necklace. It can be done, but at what price per bead. And then there would be no way to assure uniform colors.

Blending powders and chips allows one to make a uniform color and pressing them into beads and cabochons allows one to make uniform shapes.

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