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This page is an attempt to answer this common question. "What is the price of Amber per Gram?"

Were I to ask you, "What is the price of a car?", you could legitimately answer by saying, " That depends on many things."

And it is the same with amber. It depends on many things.

If you ask what is the price of a particular piece of amber being offered by a particular seller, then you can get a specific answer.

But if you just ask, "What is the price of amber per gram?:, the answer is, "That depends on many things."

This page discusses the most important of those things.

The price per gram depends on at least the following:

The amount of amber that you buy.

The company that you buy from.

The type product that you buy from that company,

The exchange rate of the Polish zloty to foreign currency.

Let us review them one at a time.


The Amount That You Buy

To get the lowest prices, you must by a large amount directly from a factory.

The minimum order from factories is generally one kilogram of product. Some factories require more.

If you buy from a jobber or wholesaler you will also get prices dependent on the amount that you buy. They will also depend on the value that they are adding to the transaction.


The Company That You Buy From

Some companies are more interested in large volume production than in unique designs.

Some companies concentrate on unique pieces and the costs reflect the extra work that goes into making unique pieces.

Some amber creations are made by artists who sell their products at premium prices.

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If you are not buying directly from the manufacturer, you will probably pay more and how much more will be up to that person from whom you are buying.


The Type Product That You Buy From A Company

Each company makes different designs that carry different prices.

Amber set in cast silver, amber set with stainless steel, amber set in unique silver settings, amber strings, unique creations, hand carved amber pieces and composites, for example, all sell at different prices per gram.

And the prices will vary with the cost of silver and amber. Plus the more amber in a product, the higher the price per gram.


The Exchange Rate Of Polish Zloty To Foreign Currencies

Polish factories generally price in Euro.

That price will change as the exchange rates change. We have seen factories change prices even after making a quotation and taking an order because of exchange rate fluctuations.


Some Price Generalizations



What follows contains some prices. These are generally the lowest prices that you will see if you buy at least one kilogram of jewelry directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes you must buy a minimum of 10 kilograms. If you buy less or from a reseller, the prices are higher.

Natural Baltic Amber prices in the region of .5 Euro per gram. See About Polish Natural Baltic Amber

Amber set in silver castings prices from 1 Euro per gram.

Unique pieces 1.2 per gram and up.

Art in Amber 3 to 15 Euro per gram.


How To Get Firm Prices

Tell the supplier:

How much you intend to order at any one time.

What type product you want.

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