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Amber Sales Booth

This page shows some simple ways to display amber for mall and outdoor sales from a small booth or kiosk.

amber cutting wheel

The pictures below show a kiosk and a series of stands at outdoor markets in tourist areas. They are shown as examples of successful small business ventures.

Note that one of the important features of using a small and mobile selling point is that you avoid the fixed rent expenses. That frees you to invest what money you have in inventory.

It also allows you to test various locations that may be more important during different times of the year. For example, a shopping mall kiosk may be lucrative during the Christmas gift buying season. And an outdoor tent might be lucrative during country fair season.

The picture top right shows an extremely effective amber sales booth. And there is a video showing more in the Polish Culture section on YouTube that you see at this link. Traditional Amber Manufacturing

The man and wife who run this business support themselves very well by putting up their tent at fairs and events around Poland. They say that they enjoy a great and free life.

So when putting up your booth, think creatively to get attention and to make sales.

Below are pictures of more conventional approaches to sales booths.

And once again, we have a video that goes into this in depth. The video is at Traditional Amber Manufacturing


amber kiosk

This shows a kiosk that specializes in jewelry. A woman has a series of these in a few shopping malls. She started at flea markets, saw the potential and moved into the shopping malls. In the fall she adds Hand formed Polish Christmas ornaments.








booth with rods

This picture was taken at about 11 o'clock in the morning at an Amber stand in a tourist area. The stand was constantly crowded by customers so I could not get a good picture of the stand during normal working hours.








The pictures below were taken at about 830 on a Sunday morning so that I could get pictures before the booths were crowded with customers.


amber trader booth view two


In this picture you can see the variety of amber that she had. She did not price it low! She pushed the upper limits on pricing and cut prices, if she had to, to make a sale.


She was willing to negotiate a price with anyone. It was very successful for her.






amber trader booth view two



  This shows how another retailer sells the raw baltic amber. The display is common and really pulls sales. The more you have hanging, the more you sell.












amber retailer two view one



Here here you see another stand that did not specialize in Amber. But they used a curtain rod to hang many strands of amber necklaces. The necklaces drew people to the stand and prompted sales not only of the necklaces but the other gift items also.






amber retailer two view two


Another small display of raw amber necklaces.








booth 3


During normal working hours this booth is normally filled with people. I had to shoot it early on a Sunday morning so that you could see how simple it is.

It is a booth like this that the woman shown in a kiosk in the beginning of this page used to start her business. And she still maintains booths like this in the tourist areas of northern Poland.





In the amber catalogs there is a complete white paper that describes starting and amber business.

You are invited to read the information about starting an Amber business in the amber catalogs by clicking on this link. Amber Catalogs

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