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Unique Wholesale Amber And Crystal Products

A product that is unique to Poland is the amber and crystal glass and amber and Krosno glass that is hand decorated in northern Poland just outside the amber capital of the world, Gdansk.

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The product is extremely high quality and of limited production. The factory that makes it is more like an art studio and is run by a small group of artists who are schooled in the fashioning of amber and silver jewelry.

They start with the high quality crystal or high quality Krosno glass lines and fashion a piece of sterling silver and natural Baltic amber jewelry especially for that particular piece of glass or crystal. Once approved, it is fused to the glass or crystal.

The product is unique and sells very well into the wedding gift and anniversary gift markets.

The glass sets that they make are particularly attractive to be given as toasting glasses for a bride and groom.

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You can buy this product wholesale directly from the factory or, if you do not buy large enough quantities to offset the shipping costs from Poland, you can buy wholesale from the American warehouse in Massachusetts.

Detailed information about this class can be seen at the Shop Poland web site where you can contact the factory directly through the factory representative.



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