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Amber Jewelry Wholesale

In wholesale buying particular pieces, you will get price lists that show an approximate finished weight of a product and a price per gram for that particular piece. The final price that you will pay will be determined by the final finished weight.

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Amber Jewelry Wholesale prices from the factories generally take effect when you buy more than one kilogram of Amber Jewelry at one time from one factory.

The jewelry manufacturing business is concentrated in the regions around Gdansk, Poland. It consists of about 35 major jewelry manufacturers that have factories employing from about 350 people to hundreds of small manufacturers that operate in smaller facilities. Many manufacture jewelry in little more than garages.

Buying amber jewelry often compares to buying potatoes. Larger distributors often buy amber and silver by the bag from smaller garage type operators. The final price is based on the weight.

The wholesale price of amber jewelry is generally based on the gram weight. And the price per gram is based on the comparative amount of silver and amber in a particular piece of jewelry. The price of silver is fixed by generally available market data. But the price of amber is more flexible. Clear amber is less valuable that amber with inclusions. The more inclusions in a piece of amber, the more valuable it is. So even though a particular design can be priced per gram, the value of that design will depend on the quality of the amber.

The quality of jewelry varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. And it can vary from day to day from a single manufacturer. And it can be dependent upon the reliability of the manufacturer.

Knowledgeable jewelry buyers employ a local buying agent either on commission or fixed monthly fee. Experience has taught them that the costs of a reputable local buying agent can more than offset the costs of the problems that they WILL have if they do not have a local agent.

For example, mass merchandisers often buy from a buying agent who himself employs a local Polish buying agent who knows the players in the jewelry business. The local Polish buying agent functions to visit factories and check the quality of any particular order, check the quantities, check the weights and ensure that delivery schedules are met. They also help get bar codes added, get information about new designs and keep up with the business and financial conditions of the various companies. And a local buying agent can often get you better prices that you can get if you approach the seller on your own.

Finding a reliable supplying company is very important. Companies constantly start up and go out of business. And many of the companies are run by people who are a little less than reliable. So it is important to be sure of your supplier. Of course a local buying agent is one of your best protections. But beyond that there is an association to which the larger and more reliable suppliers often belong. Companies that belong to this association are generally well thought of and can generally be relied on. You can distinguish them when you see this seal on their materials.

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For your best protection, consider the following:

checkA local buying agent can find you the best designs and best prices.

checkA local buying agent can act as your quality control agent.

checkA local buying agent can assure you of a complete and accurately filled order.

checkA local agent can pick the best designs from more than one supplier and provide you an aggregated order of the best products that you would not get if you did it yourself.

checkA local agent can protect your business interests.

checkIf you do not wish to use a local agent, get the benefits of having a local agent by buying from someone who employs a local agent.

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