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Amber Silver Jewelry From Poland

Polish amber and silver and amber jewelry are famous the world over. It is some of the most creative jewelry that one can find. Carved amber pieces that are millions of years old can adorn everything from necklaces to silver jewelry clocks. Amber and silver jewelry creations come in many varied styles. The modern european style amber and silver jewelry made by smaller producers that have to process each piece very carefully are in very high demand. The artists produce their amber and silver jewelry for a limited number of clients who keep them very busy.

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For the most part, and are usually jewelry production is done in the Gdansk region of Poland. There are, however many excellent jewelry artists all over the country.

Jewelry from Poland presents small business people and excellent income generating opportunity. For one thing, because of the pride and reputation of most of the Polish jewelry manufacturers, people find that it is easy to deal with them and that they get reliable deliveries of quality product.

The cost of inventory is relatively low as compared to other products that a small business with inventory.

And there is always a market for jewelry. And a decorated silver earrings and tendons are a high volume movers. People keep coming back for more.

The Polish government is very strict on regulating products made with silver. Every piece has to be stamped.

And the competition is such, that anyone who strays from the normal high standards of quality and affects do not stay in business very long.

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