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Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is a natural way to health and maintaining your well-being. Aroma therapy is really an ancient secret that was essentially rediscovered by modern alternative health practictioners. Aroma therapy is a popular, enjoyable and effective way to help maintain and enhance well-being, health and beauty and lifestyle. Aroma therapy has been successful in the treatment of many conditions, ranging form muscular to skin, digestive to respiratory problems.

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Aroma therapy, of course, concerns our sense of smell. Our sense of smell, and its reaction to aroma, is far more important than we think. The nose is aware of more aromas than the ears are aware of sounds. An aroma alone will influence a person’s mood and can enhance efficiency or capability. Recreating the aroma of a time when we were completely at ease, a beach holiday and the smell of the sea, for example, can activate the memory area of the brain and that same state of relaxation will return. There is also evidence to suggest a connection between our sense of smell and the basic human needs for food, security and sexuality - i.e. smelling food incites hunger.

Aroma therapy uses "essential oils" which are not really oils but rather natural plant extracts. Essential oils used for aroma therapy are not greasy oils. They are plant juices that evaporate quickly and give off thier unique aromas as well as health improving benefits.

Essential oils used for aroma therapy contain oxygenating molecules, which transport nutrients directly to the cells of the body. Modern science has only scratched the surface in investigating the incredible healing power of pure Essential Oils.

Scientific experiments have shown that essential oils can travel quickly when inhaled or applied through massage. The liquid solubility of essential oils allows them to travel directly through the cells. The oils serve to improve the velocity or movement of blood through the body, and decrease the viscosity or thickness of the blood at the same time. Certain chemical components in essential oils can destroy viruses and bacteria, while at the same time supply oxygen that delivers life-giving nutrients to the cell nucleus. No known bacteria or viruses can live in the presence of certain essential oils such as cinnamon and oregano.

Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant essential oils and herbs to promote natural healing and health. The use of pleasing, scented herbs for their medicinal and spiritual properties has been recorded since ancient Egypt and Babylon. Egyptian pharaohs were embalmed using herb oils to purify their bodies for the afterlife, while Egyptian priests used oils and incense in their duties as healers.

Hippocrates, who is also known as the father of modern medicine, believed the use of herbs was essential to health. Many of his prescriptions include essential oils and fragrant crushed herbs. By the tenth century, books were being written in Arabia dedicated to the use and benefits of certain aromas.

The term 'aromatherapy' is attributed to a French cosmetic chemist names Rene Maurice Gattefosse. As he worked in his lab in the early 1920, he severely burned himself. In order to cool the pain, he plunged his arm into the only cold substance around, a vat of lavender essential oil. The burns healed rapidly, with little scarring and a new science was born. Gattefosse dedicated the remainder of his life to the study of aromatherapy, or the healing power of scented healing oils.

Modern research has indicated that certain essential oils and herbs do indeed have therapeutic and healing properties. Lavender is still used for burn victims and the scent is used widely to treat depression and anxiety.

Many aromatherapy essential oils are used for the benefits of their smell alone. Eucalyptus is an example of this as the scent of this plant is said to relieve chest congestion.

Other essential oils are used for their antibacterial, anti-fungal or anti-inflammatory properties. Tea Tree Oil is a time honored aromatherapy remedy for ringworm, athlete's foot and other fungal infections. Rosemary can be used to treat arthritis and muscle pain and is a stimulant that, used in the morning bath, is said to revive energy.

Many practitioners of aromatherapy believe there are ten essential oils that should be in all medicine cabinets. They are: Thyme, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemon, Clove, Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium, Peppermint and Eucalyptus.

Many grocery and drug stores carry essential oils, as well as all health food stores. Diffusers to distribute the scent of the oils are available in many super centers, malls and specialty outlets.

Aromatherapy has now grown into a credible and expanding form of complementary therapy with a strong following among therapists and doctors alike.

These practicioners have found that aroma therapy is most effective when combined with two healing practices that were unknown to the ancients. The ancients did not know that our bodies react to light, ionization as well as aromas. (You can read about light therapy and Ionization at these links.)


Salt lamps provide you Aroma Therapy, Light Therapy and Ionization.

If you have read the sections at light therapy and Ionization you understand the importance of light therapy and ionization. If you are going to use aroma therapy, you might as well use the other two at the same time.

Salt lamps are unique in their ability to deliver the aromas that you need for your well-being and health, the light that changes your mood the ionization so necessary to change the atmosphere around you. When you keep them lit during the day or night, they continue to help you improve the atmosphere in your home, with or without oils. They give you permanent two way action and you improve their effect by adding the aromatic oils of your choice.

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