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Aromatherapy Techniques Using Amber

Amber aromatherapy is credited with saving the lives of amber workers during the days of the black plague. In those days the people did not call what was happening aromatherapy. It was just natural to their living conditions.

Information about the history of how amber workers survived the black plague can be found at Succinic Acid And Natural Baltic Amber.

Amber workers naturally fumigated their shops when they heated amber to process it. When they found that it helped them survive, they started to use amber to fumigate their homes and clients.

aromatherapy salt lamp
Aromatherapy Salt Candle

Modern Eastern European practitioners use amber powders and chips in burners or in salt candle dispensers. ( Information about salt candle dispensers can be found at Aromatherapy And Salt Lamps. )

Amber chips are easy to use for aromatherapy. They can be heated in a small pan on a stovetop.

When heated slowly the amber oil , the operative ingredient in amber aromatherapy, is released which in turn vaporizes and is dispersed into the room.

This can also be done using amber chips with candles. For and example of how amber is used with candles, go to Beeswax Candles Aroma Therapy.

Salt candle dispensers are, however, considered most effective and are used extensively in Eastern Europe with candles a close second place. For a supply of amber chips, go to Natural Baltic Amber Chips

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