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Arrival Warsaw

About your arrival in Warsaw and things that should concern you.

The main entry points to Warsaw for the Warsaw Central train station and the Warsaw airport.

There are, of course, other ways to arrive at Warsaw but the points that we make in this page will generally apply.

arrival warsaw by bus

There are two pages that cover arrival at the Warsaw airport and arrival at the Warsaw Central Station under the respective links. You are advised to review the applicable arrival point for your situation.

You may also come into the West Bus Staion. Here is a link to information about it.

For your own enjoyment and safety, we always recommend that you do your homework before you visit a new city. That includes having maps of the city and having made your own visitors plan and schedule.

Do be sure to understand the Warsaw Taxis before you get to Warsaw.

You are likely to come into the Centrum of Warsaw. Here is a link to a panoramic view of Warsaw and the area to which you will be coming.

If you are arriving in Warsaw to visit the Poland National Stadium, here is information about the Poland National Stadium and how to get to it from the train station and the airport.

We hope that this information helps you have a better Arrival in Warsaw.

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