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I Believe That Salt Lamps Cured My Asthma

If you know of someone who has asthma, you might tell them about this article.

Gary C Granai
Poland Chamber, Inc.


What Salt Lamps Are Doing For Me

salt mine asthma cure

I am a diagnosed asthmatic. For years I lived with my inhalers in my pocket. I could not talk on the phone without coughing. I had frequent asthma attacks that made for some very embarrassing situations in business meetings, at concerts and with the family. I lived in New England.

I came to Poland on business. The air pollution here is terrible. I had a lot of trouble with my asthma.

A Polish friend told me about speleotherapy, the salt mines of Wielicka and what they could do for me. I listened and told him to forget it. I do not believe in quack medicine and I didn't want to go down in some hole for some quack asthma treatment.

We settled on putting two salt lamps in my apartment. One was put next to my computer, and the other next to my bed.

For some reason, for the past six years I have not used an inhaler. I do not cough when I talk on the phone. I have some minor coughing spells about once or twice every couple days. I don't have an inhaler in my possession.

I do not know if salt lamps help me. I do know that when I took them out of my apartment for two weeks for a test, I started coughing a lot more. When I put new, and bigger ones in more places, I stopped coughing again.



Why do I not have problems with my asthma in a horribly air polluted city like Warsaw? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that the only change in the atmosphere in my flat was that due to salt lamps. But there is also a psychological change that goes along with the pleasant colors of the lamps. Is that affecting me? Is it that I think that the lamps might be helping that helps me?

I do not believe in quack medicine and I do not preach quack medicine. But I do say that there might be something to what is said about salt lamps and asthma. And I say it loudly. My flat and office are FILLED with salt lamps. (But I still will not go down in some big hole in a salt mine!)

And because of what they might be doing for me, I am one of Poland's biggest promoters of the Polish salt lamp industry. If a salt lamp helps just one asthmatic child, I will have done my job.

I recommend to people that they buy a salt lamp and try it. If it does not work for them, they will still have a beautiful piece of art.

Please understand that I am not giving medical advice. I may be just grasping at straws. But enough people praise the salt mine treament and salt lamps. And since I started using them I do not use inhalers. Who knows?

You can get more information about the salt lamps that I use and why by clicking here. Asthma Cure Salt Lamps

Thank you for the patience.

gary granai

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