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Natural Baltic Amber is a gemstone. And it is copied and imitated. If you have not studied the various type ambers and how they are used and modified, there is a free tutorial at About Amber And Types of Amber

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Baltic Amber

In the early days, amber was collected from the beaches of the Baltic as it floated ashore. Though it is still found this way, commercial supplies of amber are dredged from deposits in the forests bordering the baltic. The dredging operations are small, mobile and prolific.

Local jewelry companies and amber artists take some of the production from the small dredging operations. And some is fashioned by a "cottage amber industry" into basic jewelry as it has been for centuries. We buy products from this cottage industry. In so buying, we are able to get some of the best prices on natural baltic amber. At the same time we get some unique pieces that one would not otherwise find on the market.

The amber products that you see here are made by individuals who dredge the amber out of the ground and sell their production to larger companies. We buy directly from many of these people and from traders who have access to many more sources. What you see in the pictures above is a very small part of the inventory of one of our regular suppliers.

Every piece offered is different. No two pieces are the same. There is often similarity in products. But that is as far as it goes. This is a natural product that was created by nature and put on strings by man. Every string of amber is DIFFERENT. These pictures show how different it can be.

For prices and more information, go to Polish Product Information Center.

There is also a complete service at a special web site called Natural Baltic Amber. It includes many videos and a lot more specific information that you will find very useful.

We encourage you to do a great deal of research before you buy. There are many people and companies out there who are selling counterfeit product. The more research you do the less likely you are to get trapped.

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