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How To Be A Distributor

Poland has many distribution opportunities for you. There are many Polish firms that have beautiful products but very little international distribution.

You have the opportunity to introduce their products into your region. And make a good amount of money in the process. So why not consider the opportunity?

The market is huge. For example, the import business in the United States is a billion dollar industry itself. The total world market is definitely much larger. There is a place for you.

This is a very brief overview of what you can do. It points you in a direction. Once you are properly pointed, you will find the best information for your choice.


What can you distribute?

There are many products available. They range from Artistic Crystal and Glass to flat pack furniture and brooms. You can choose something with which you are comfortable.


What must you invest?

Your main investment is time. You do not have to buy inventory. You can act as a broker, wholesaler or retailer.


Do you need an office?

No. You can have a very large business with just a home computer that is connected to the internet.


Who are the buyers for Polish products?

The largest number of buyers are the small shops and retailers that make up the largest buyers of specialty and exclusive imported products.

For example, there are hundreds of thousands of gift shops that are potential buyers of crystal, glass, salt crystal lamps, Polish pottery and so on.

And, of course, there are many other larger buyers for mass merchandising firms who are always looking for new products and special order items.


Do you need experience?

No. We will help you. We provide you access to free training courses.


How do you earn money?

There are two ways to make money. You can buy and sell at the prices that you fix at wholesale and/or retail. Or you can drop ship to other wholesalers and retailers.


How are you sure that you will be paid?

The most straight forward way to work is to collect the money from the client, take your profit immediately and send the remainder to the supplier. You remain in control.

But with time you will develop relationships with suppliers and you will find it easier to work out another payment routine.


Should you have inventory?

You sell best if you know your product so it is best to have at least some samples. And it is easiest to sell if you have a few items on hand to show your customers. But you don't need large inventory unless you intend to have a walk in business location. In any case, you should have samples. People buy with their eyes and they look to see if your are serious. They take you beyond the stage of "I know a company in Poland that sells .............. ." You stand in front of the customer with product in hand.

Here is a link to information on Distribution Opportunities and how to start.