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Natural Baltic Amber Beeswax Candles
For Beauty And Aromatherapy

Poland is famous for its Amber and for its creative people. It is a country of artists. The candles that you see here are an excellent example of what they can do.

The candles are handmade from Italian beeswax and Natural Baltic amber. Where glass is used, it is from the world famous glass manufacturing region Krosno. In short, only the highest quality materials go into this group's creations.

Jantar candles are a unique combination of white bee wax and the Baltic amber. Candles have been used for centuries in temples as a source of pure light and the two unusual components bring out surprising value of the product: aesthetic, medicinal and ecological.

The candles are as beautiful as they are unique and health enhancing.

As the candles burn, the natural baltic amber is heated and vaporized thus filling the air with amber's beneficial aromas. (For information about Amber Aromatherapy go to Amber Aromatherapy )

Being made by a small, family owned company, the candles are of the highest quality. And, they offer you the opportunity to have a unique product because they are limited production.

amber candle collection

The company makes other creations of glass and amber. Information about them will be provided to you along with the price information.

The larger candles make beautiful gifts and centerpieces.

The small candles in the glass containers are very popular for everyday use as well as unique forget me not gifts.

Factory minimums are low and the candles can be shipped by the case so you can start small to test the market before you order larger quantities.

Distributorships are available. See the general distributor information at Small Business Distribution.

For prices and catalog information, go to Polish Product Information Center