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The Best Polish Pottery Price

This page discusses how you can get the best prices when you buy Polish pottery. It gives you tips hands and procedures to follow.

It is easy to say that you want to get the best price. But what is the best price?

The best price is not the price that allows you to make the most profit per piece.

The best price is the price that allows you to make the most profit per month.

For example, it may be better to sell 10 pieces and make only $2 profit per piece rather than to sell 1 piece and make only $10 profit on that piece.

And by way of another example, in the extreme, you can get the best factory price by ordering a full container load, bulk packed, of plates made in one pattern. But what would it cost you to set up to sell this full container load of plates in one pattern and how many per month would you sell?

Simply stated, the best prices for you will be determined by your pricing versus volume formula.

Note that your pricing versus volume formula depends on your overall business operation. And that changes as your sales volume changes.

But that does not change the underlying fact that the definition of the best price is the price that allows you to make the most profit per month.

In this paper we will discuss the factors that go into into your decision as to what is the best price for your business.

The first thing that you have to do is get a response from a supplier which response includes prices. And that does not always happen.

Suppliers ignore many requests for prices.

There are several things that you have to consider when you are looking for any supplier and checking the prices from the various suppliers.

Understand that you are one of many thousands upon thousands of people who contact the Polish pottery factories every year attempting to buy product not only for small businesses but fraudulently trying to buy product by saying that they are intending to start a business while they only want to get prices on pottery for personal use.

You may be the most honest person in the world but the factories do not know that.

So as a first step, when you contact a factory, or an in country distributor, you have to be sure about your image.

If you are going to be running the business, you need a business website and business e-mail address. That is neither hard to set up nor expensive.

When you contact a supplier, if you show that supplier your website, even though it is something very simple and generally just under construction, you will have established the fact that you are serious and not just another person out kicking tires and window shopping.

If you do not take these steps, you might be ignored and get no prices at all.

Here is a link to a tutorial that discusses how to make a free website to sell pottery online. How To Make A Polish Pottery Website

And if you do not want to do that yourself, here's a link to where you can get that website set up for you for five dollars. Mini-Business Web Site

Even though you do not have a wholesale price list from any supplier, as part of your market research you should have a good feel for what the wholesale prices are for whatever product that you want to sell.

Professional web marketers get prices by using a tool called in Market Research Wizard. It is something that you should use as well. You will find that you will continually use this to take the pricing of the products that you are considering as well as comparing your pricing to that of your competition.

Here is a link to the Market Research Wizard.

The price of a product is one thing. The shipping cost and quality are two others.

There are also warehousing costs, financing costs and opportunity costs.

Both of these should be factored into your decision as to where to buy.

There is little doubt that the lowest prices that you can get on Polish pottery will be the prices that you get when you buy factory direct. But when you add-on shipping costs, warehousing costs,and financing costs you may find that the best prices for your product will be those that you get from a local distributor.

Your real concern is the shelved cost of the product. That means what is the cost of the product to you to put it on your shelf.

Included in that cost is the actual cost of the product, the money it cost you to keep it in a warehouse, the shipping cost, the customs and duties, the labor cost to receive unpack and stock and the financial cost of having money tied up while the product is paid for yet not delivered to you plus the financial cost of having the inventory sitting in a warehouse unsold.

The best price is one that factors in the price that you have to pay to get product on your shelf just in time for you to be able to keep your shelves stocked without having a lot of inventory in your storeroom and without having a lot of money tied up in inventory to be delivered.

Your best price may end up being the price that you pay a local distributor to buy case lots that are shipped to you by UPS.

But let us go back to discussing factory pricing and getting the best price from the factory.

We assume that you have your new website up. That website can be simple with just introductory material and information in an about us page. But it shows that you are actually going to run a business and that you are serious.

We assume that you are going to use an e-mail address over your own domain name and not something using Hotmail, Gmail, or some other public e-mail service.

In that way when you contact the factory, the factory representative will take note that you are serious and not just another person writing to get prices to buy products for personal use.

You do not have to visit the factory. A factory visit is generally a waste of time. The price is that you get at the factory are the same as you will get by e-mail.

The only thing that you do by visiting the factory is increase your expenses. The money that it cost you to go to the factory is better spent on an extra couple thousand dollars worth of pottery. You can recover the money when you sell the pottery. You can never recover the cost of visiting the factory except out of profits. It is simply a waste of money. It is more an ego trip that a wise business function.

You start with the base price that you get from the factory and then start adding on the costs of financing to have your pre-paid money tied up while the factory produces the product and the product to is shipped to you.

You total the money that you would happen the supply chain and then look at the use of that money to buy a larger amount of inventory from a local distributor. With a large inventory you may have a much higher turnover because you shop will be more attractive to visitors. Your profit margins may be lower but you may get a lot of word-of-mouth advertising that will bring more customers and give you a higher turnover.

In essence, you convert the higher shelf cost to you into an advertising cost. That word of mouth advertising from you customers is the best that you can get and in essence it is free but in reality it is paid for by the higher shelf cost.

So buying directly from the factory may entail a lost opportunity cost because you will have lost the opportunity to have extra inventory on your shelves to sell.

Ordering a pallet load of pottery from a factory can get extremely expensive when all the costs are factored in. Rather than get into detail in this paper here is a link that talks about the shipping cost considerations.

It is only when you order a full contain a load of pottery at a time that you really start looking at some good savings.

And if you order a container read a time, you then get yourself into position to be able to wholesale your product to other smaller retailers who find it better to buy smaller quantities from someone who will ship to them pallet loads and less at a time.

Stop to think about it. These large distributors exist because many small retailers have found it best to order pallets and less from them rather than to attempt to buy factory direct.

In summary:

The best price means what is the best prices for you in your situation.

You determine that by doing your financial analysis which is part of your business plan. Links Financial Analysis Business Planning Guide

And when it comes time to place the actual order and to contact a distributor to start negotiating the actual payment terms, then it is time to be totally professional. Submit a Request For Quotation.

A word to the wise in closing. Look professional or get ignored. Act professional or pay higher prices. See this link Look Professional