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Bolesalawiec Polish Pottery Festival

About the open air pottery market where you can buy factory direct and take Polish pottery factory tours.

boleslawiec poland
Boleslawiec Poland

Every August the city of Boleslawiec holds an outdoor pottery and ceramics fair. Factories that make the Boleslawiec Polish pottery attend the fair and the factories that are in the town, that is larger factories anyway, provide tours so that people can see how the pottery is made.

The ceramics there is international in nature. Even though it emphasizes local pottery factories, artists from all over the world attend.

The video below shows you some of the highlights of the fair.

If you intend to enter the Polish pottery business and intend to visit the factories, this is perhaps the best time of the year to go to Poland.

At this fair you will see factories that are relatively unknown. They can be particularly important to you because you can get access to products through them that you would not normally get.

Additionally, the smaller factories may be more willing to work with you as a small business just getting started.



The factory put pottery on promotion so you able to get very good prices on that which you would like to buy with your buying wholesale or retail.

The city of Boleslawiec's is relatively small. Even so, it has quite a well-developed tourist industry and there are many places that you can stay.

The city lies on the East-West transit route between Eastern Europe and Germany. As such there are many people who stop at the city prior to crossing the border into Germany. They stay generally at one of the many bed-and-breakfast type accommodations. Information about tourist facilities in Boleslawiec can be seen at this link Bed And Breakfast




Boleslawiec itself is quite a manufacturing center. There are many ceramics factories in the area.

It is interesting to note, that one of the tourist markers, tout the point that the ceramics factories made the first sewer pipes for the city. And even today the Polish pottery factories continue to make more ceramics than just pottery.

When you come to the Polish pottery Festival you have a chance to see the many other ceramic items made by these factories.