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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery By Factory Stanislaw Wiza

wiza pottery pattern

In order to help you visualize the beauty of Polish pottery made by the factory stylus while Visa that is located in Boleslawiec Poland, we have provided for you a video catalog of some of the products which we hope you will find both informative and enjoyable.

More Information About Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza Pottery

The pottery by this factory is one of the more popular lines because of the reliability of delivery and the quality of its product.

The factory maintains a high attention to detail and the products that are shipped are routinely high quality.

Like all the factories that make the best of the Polish pottery, it is located in Boleslawiec, Poland. That location is critical because it is in that region that the pottery factories have easy access to the unique clay that they use to make the ceramic that makes the pottery unique in the world.


This product is available to be shipped from Poland to your location. Wholesale prices and catalogs are available.

To get a catalog for this factory and for the other most popular factories, the Poland chamber has put together a special service that allows you to download them immediately and to get other information along with the download. To get copies of catalogs go to the Poland Chamber page that you find at this link.Catalogs

All Polish pottery is hand decorated. In some cases the pottery is brush painted according to the client desires or a pattern. That is typically done when making what is called Unikat pottery.

The other process involves the use of special sponges that are used to hand apply the pattern decorations.

If you are interested in looking at the process for making pottery you can see some pictures of how it is done by going to this link. Wiza Factory

If you would like to get a quotation for Polish pottery to be delivered directly from the factory, the Poland Chamber has a service that you can use. That's services free.

You are asked to enter information about what you would like and you will get a quote back from one of the factory representatives for delivery of Polish pottery directly from the factory in Poland. The more information that you put into the form the better the service you can get because the factory representatives will know more about what you want.

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