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WR Unikat Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

The actual name of this factory in Boleslawiec Poland is WR Ceramika. It is more commonly known as WR Unikat.

wr unikat pottery pattern

In Polish the word Unikat means unique. So to a Polish person Unikat is a general term. But too many people buying pottery they associate Unikat with a brand of their liking.

And to some pottery collectors they assume that Unikat means a standard pattern that is more expensive, but still a standard pattern, offered by a Polish pottery Company.

WR Unikat is definitely unique among Polish pottery companies. The patterns are simply stunning. You are invited to take the time to look at this video to get a feel for what they offer.

The Poland Chamber offers Polish pottery catalogs plus information about starting and running a Polish pottery business. You are invited to review the information about those catalogs and the other information you get by going to this link. Pottery Catalogs

The WR Unikat factory is located in Boleslawiec and uses only the highest quality of the unique Boleslawiec clay to make its product. The clay that is used is found only in the Boleslawiec region and makes a distinctively high quality ceramic that is hand painted to make the ever so popular Boleslawiec Polish pottery.


More About The WR Unikat Pottery Line

When searching for pottery it is generally best to go directly to the catalogs and look at all the patterns and decorations that are available before you make a decision.

That is, of course, assuming that you are not fixed on a particular company and a particular pattern.







Look at some of the patterns here



You may order pottery from this factory wholesale. It is best to start by getting the catalogs picking the pieces you want and then submitting a specific request for quotation.

This is better than just asking for a price list. Sometimes doing it this way you will get a price break if the factory has a run of extra pottery available that it can offer you at a discounted price.

To get information from the factory, the Poland Chamber offers a service that allows you ask specific questions and request specific information. When you use the service you are asked to provide as much information as possible so that the factory representative understands fully your intentions and desires. I doing that not only do you save the factory representative time but you get the best information possible over the Internet. Polish Product Information Center