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Zaklady Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

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The formal name of the factory is Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec . It is an old state owned factory that makes one of the most popular lines of Polish Pottery. One can say that this factory almost defines what the Boleslawiec region is today.

The pottery by this factory is dominated by the old German patterns that existed prior to the factory being transferred from German to Polish hands.

The most well-known Zaklady Boleslawiec patterns are the traditional dark blue with peacock and grape decorations. Over the years the factory has supplemented these patterns with many more.

Even though there are many new factories making Polish pottery, this factory has maintained its position of dominance.

Even though today it is known in America and in many place around the world as Boleslawiec Polish pottery, the pottery and it's patterns are actually of German origin. Today in Germany, and in many places in Europe, it is known as Bunzlau pottery. And there continue to be factories in Germany that manufacture pottery with the same old patterns.


Here is a video that gives you an overview of the pottery that you can get from this factory.


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More About Zaklady Boleslawiec


What makes the pottery from this region distinctive is not only the pattern but the clay that is used to make it. It is because of the clay that the factories that make high quality ceramic pottery are located in the region. It simply allows them to get the clay inexpensively because it will be delivered from local suppliers.

The people of the Boleslawiec region depend on the factories for the local economy. There's a large tourist trade coming into the region to buy pottery at the many shops that dot the center of town.

Often tourist expect to be able to walk into a factory and get an appointment to buy product wholesale. Unfortunately, the factories are very busy and it is not often that one is able to get an appointment without significant advance notice.

If you are interested in buying product from this factory, you are best to start with the Polish pottery catalogs to make your selection of product. Once you get a selection product then you can submit that list for a specific request for quotation. You will get a faster response than asking for a price list. Additionally, when you get a request for quotation, if you supply shipping information you can also get that all the all important shipping cost that can make the difference between making a wholesale buy profitable or not profitable.


You can get Polish pottery catalogs at this link.


Zaklady Boleslawiec

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