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To Free Email Account Users

If want to be sure to get information from us or if you think that you did not get a response to email that you sent us, please read this information.

Free email accounts such as Yahoo and Hotmail and services such as AOL are not reliable commercial email accounts. In fact, you agreed with some of them, when you signed the CONTRACT with them, to not use them for commercial use. Aside from violation of your contractual agreement with them, and abuse of their services, there are some other things to consider.

These services filter email sent to you. That means that they never deliver it to you. They decide what is not appropriate and what they consider spam and do not deliver it to you. You are not notified that they did not deliver it to you. If they don't like the form of our response to you or what we say in the response, they just don't pass it along to you. You have no choice in the matter and they do not tell you.

So if you request commercial information and price lists, in many cases you will not get them. They will be filtered. You will not even know they were sent.

You can read details at Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail Users and Email Filtered.

If you are using them because you are afraid of spam and mailing lists, you are advised to get an anti-spam system that allows you to control what mail you get. You can get an inexpensive one at Window Washer.

If you are doing business on the web, you are advised to get an email account that is appropriate for a business. Not only will you have control over what mail you get, you will also look professional and not like a fly by night operator looking either to scam someone or not at all serious about business.

One of the first indications of someone who is a bad business risk is someone who writes to you on a free email account. You will learn that soon enough when dealing with your own customers. Free email accounts are a warning sign and you should take special care in dealing with users of such accounts. If you are using a free email account to communicate with us, you have put yourself into that classification now. That has to be done because we have to protect against buyer fraud.

Professional email accounts are not expensive. And if you are going to do business on the web, you should at least be able to afford a proper email account. You can get an inexpensive account at Register

Business Is Business

You are doing business on the web. And business is business. You play by the rules or you fail.

Rules to follow:

  • Read the terms of service for anything to which you agree and understand what happens if you violate them. And understand what the service provider does and does not do for you.

  • Protect your image and control your email. Get a professional email account with a professional host. Check here.

  • Install an anti spam system. A recommended one is at Window Washer.

  • Get a spyware removal system.


If you want to be sure that you are getting information from us, please use something other than a free email account or AOL.